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Terms and conditions for using bookings.wellington.govt.nz and its Online Services    1. Wellington City Council owns and operates this website, https://bookings.wellington.govt.nz  2. To register for the Online Services, customers must be over the age of 18 years and have a unique email address. 3. By accessing or using this website and its Online Services, you are also accepting Wellington City Council’s terms and conditions of use. These include:  •  the terms and conditions set out below  • any applicable terms or conditions elsewhere on this website and its Online Services.   4. Wellington City Council may make changes to this website, Online Services, or to its terms and conditions of use at any time without notice. Wellington City Council has no responsibility or liability related to and reliance on this website or Online Services. 5. You agree that your use of this website and any information and Online Services will keep to Wellington City Council’s terms and conditions and with all applicable laws.   6. When we refer to ‘we’ or ‘us’ below, we mean Parks, Sport and Recreation at Wellington City Council. We provide these Online Services.  When we refer to ‘you’ we mean the customer and party agreeing to these terms and conditions. 7. Online Services  ‘Online Services’ means any services that are available online through this website for users to access. These services include:  • providing information (including contact details) • making and changing bookings and applications  • facilitating the making of transactions and payments     8. Registering for Online Services   Some Online Services are only available to users who register for those services or for access. This includes access to information and certain parts of this website.  You must provide current, complete, and accurate information when you register for this online service.   Parks, Sport and Recreation at Wellington City Council may, at its sole discretion, reject an application for registration.  9. Using a shared email address  Registering with a shared email address will mean that the details of all parties who share that email address will be available to the Online Service and to all parties that share that email address.  If you want to register using a shared email address, let us know by emailing recreation@wcc.govt.nz and we’ll tell you about the process.   10. Existing customers  If you are an existing customer with Parks, Sport and Recreation at Wellington City Council, use the same email address you used when you signed up.   If you sign up with a different email address to the one associated with your existing Wellington City Council Recreation account, your existing details in our system will not be updated and a new account will be created. If you supply a shared (not unique) email address used with parties over the age of 18, you will not be able to complete the sign-up process online. Please follow the onscreen instructions.   Upon completion of a registration for Online Services or access, we’ll issue you with a username and generic password. We recommend you change this password as soon as possible. You are responsible for any use made through your username and password, of this website and its Online Services. You must keep your username and password secret and secure.   11.Transactions   Transactions (including payments) through these Online Services are binding on you. You should keep a copy of any transaction confirmation for your records. You are responsible for the accuracy of all details that you provide when making a transaction using these Online Services, including credit card details.  12. Cancelling your registration to our Online Services   If you want to cancel your registration at any time, send through a request to us at Parks, Sport and Recreation at Wellington City Council by email recreation@wcc.govt.nz. Ask us to delete your registration, including your username and password, if applicable. This action will prevent the use of the Online Services, but will not cancel paid memberships, enrolments or bookings. If you wish to cancel memberships, enrolments or bookings, please contact your preferred centre.  Cancellation of accounts will be subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant service that is being cancelled. Wellington City Council may at any stage, without letting you know beforehand, cancel your registration and use of this website and Online Services. Wellington City Council would do this if, Council considers at its sole discretion that:  • you have breached any of these terms and conditions  • your use of the Online Service is unlawful, unauthorised, dishonest, or inappropriate.   Cancelling your registration and right to use Online Services and this website will not affect any rights or obligations that exist on the date that registration ends.  13. Copyright   Wellington City Council either owns or licences the material on this website and so it is subject to copyright law. You are not permitted to copy and sell or exploit for commercial purposes, any material on this website. Wellington City Council does permit the access to the material on this website for non-commercial personal or internal business purposes.   You must get the owner’s specific written permission if you want to use any of the following from this website or Online Services:  • registered and unregistered trademarks  • logos  • service marks.  The owner of the above may be Wellington City Council or another organisation, company or other entity.  14. Links to other websites   This website may include links or references to other websites. Wellington City Council does not control or endorse those websites and is not responsible for their content or activity. Your use of such links and other websites is your responsibility and is at your own risk.   15. Information sent electronically   By using this website and any Online Services, you agree to:  • provide information and documents in electronic form  • provide information and documents to the required standard and format  • receive information and documents from us, including in electronic form.   16. Disclaimer and exclusion of liability  Wellington City Council provides this website for your use 'as is'. Using and relying on this website, its content and any Online Services, is at your own judgement and risk.   Wellington City Council has made every reasonable effort to make sure that this website, its content and the Online Services:   • contain current, accurate and complete information   • function correctly   • are available to and accessible by you and that access is uninterrupted  • are provided through a secure website  • are free of errors, defects, viruses, malware or other harmful components  • do not limit or interfere with any person's rights.   Wellington City Council does not warrant any of those things, but only as far as the law permits. Where this website allows users to post opinions and comments, they are the opinions and comments of the user, not Wellington City Council’s.  Wellington City Council will try to correct or remove any of the following brought to its attention:  • errors  • inaccuracies or defects  • inappropriate, unlawful or infringing content.  As far as the law permits, Wellington City Council excludes and disclaims:   • all representations and warranties of any kind, including those expressed or implied, in relation to the content, information and services provided on or through this website or its Online Services:  o merchantability  o suitability  o satisfactory quality  o fitness for purpose  o freedom from computer virus or malware  o security  o the availability of this website or online service  o the accuracy or completeness of information  o or non-infringement   • all liability for any loss or damage from  o  the direct or indirect use of, or inability to use, this website, its content or the Online Services. This includes where you view, access, download, use or rely on content, or link to this website or the Online Services.  o    the corruption or loss of any data, inaccurate data entry or the interception or 'hacking' of data by unauthorised third parties.    • all responsibility and liability for the security of your username and password for any Online Services  • all responsibility and liability for activity conducted in connection with your username and password, whether authorised by you or not.     17. Governing law   New Zealand law is the governing body for these terms and conditions, their interpretation, and any matters or disputes connected with this website or its Online Services. As such, New Zealand courts will be the avenue for dealing with any such disputes. 18. Privacy Information submitted in relation to the Online Service will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and Wellington City Council’s Privacy Statement available here [https://wellington.govt.nz/contact-us/privacy-statement]